About Us

Our company is major in researching, producing and selling transformer, electronically filter, inductance, network unit, communication equipments which are applied in network exchanger, router, net card, optical transmitter and receiver, T1/E1,ISDN and local LAN,IP Tel system, power wire network equipment, voice equipment, inlay system.

Our productions can work with most famous brands network units, for example, ADMTEK, BROADCOM, DAVICOM, ICPLUS, MICREL, SMSC, INTEL, CRYSTAL, REALTEK and so on. They are complete compatible with similar productions, and so on.

We also supply magnetic unit in international standards, or customized productions.

We have very advanced equipments and high accurate test equipments, Our technicians have lots of knowledge and experiences. We have standard production line, lots of certified and experienced workers, very good management, we also have training plans for workers every year so that we can make production quality under control and make sure each unit is 100% good after electronical test, at reasonable price, good leading time to meet customers.